Testimonial from a Personal Training Client at DOF

One of the most rewarding things about Personal Training is helping people to feel healthier and to enjoy a better quality of life.

Below is a testimonial from a client that trained with Claire and followed her diet and supplement plan.


Having always been unhappy with my weight dieting has been part of the seasonal routine.
Diet plans would be written up and good intentions pinned on the fridge door.
Exercise plays a role in my life but weight was affecting that! Obvious even to me (when I cared to admit it)
,that I was consuming more food and alcohol than I could burn off. As I was getting heavier the use of asthma inhalers was increasing and those hills were steeper and longer!
2017 was great but I knew I needed to take control of my weight again!
In May, I spoke to Claire Darlington, PT and owner of DOF, about a plan to get me in shape. On return from an amazing summer break in August I was ready to tackle the health and fitness plan. Claire looked at what aspects of my diet could be improved, what areas needed to be removed and what I could add. The plan included an exercise regime that was realistic for me, a clear and varied ingredient list for daily meals and a list of supplements that boosted my immune system, heart and skin.
I immediately felt better both physically and mentally which helped to spur me on when other diets hadn’t. Claire’s continued support and guidance was faultless showing her professional, knowledgeable and caring nature.
From August 2017 till December 2017 I have lost 2 stones and 4 inches off my waist measurement but most of all I have more energy, less colds, I have reduced the dependency on my inhalers when running and would like to say I gallop up hills!

The hills are still proving to be an issue although getting up them is a damn site less painful now.
Thank you so much Claire