For nearly ten years I've suffered from lower back problems. I have had regular osteopathy to help me cope with these issues. My osteopath recently recommended I had a course of Pilates to increase my core strength.

I was not convinced, but thought I would give Pilates a try. Having engaged Claire as a Personal Trainer, in less than six months, thanks to her personalised programme, my flexibility has improved, and I rarely experience lower back pain. If I do, I can follow my "homework" regime and gain relief. I've also experienced some benefits I did not expect. My balance has improved and my breathing is deeper. I feel that I have more stamina.

As a septuagenarian I was a little sceptical about Pilates but thanks to Claire's Personal Plan for me and her regular home visits, I am reaping the benefits.

Geoff Taylor

I started Claire Darlington Healthy Eating and Pilates programme last November. 3 Weeks of the programme kick started a journey for me. The Healthy eating programme transformed my diet and 6 months later I am still using the recipe's. After completing the programme by December Claire directed me to a running programme invented by George Anderson where I trained for 3 months to be able to run for 60 minutes non stop. Considering 6 months ago I probably couldn't run for 4 mins non stop this was an amazing experience. The combination of both Claire's and George's programmes have resulted in a 35lb weight loss and a considerably fitter 50 Year Old.

John Elliot

I started training with Chrissy two months ago and whilst it was hard work to begin with, Chrissy has given me the motivation and encouragement to continue.

I have joined gym's in the past but the truth is like a lot of people I gradually lost focus and self motivation. Training alone is hard enough; having the discipline to do it can be even harder!

Chrissy through her approachable, fun and enthusiastic manner has got me to the stage where I actively look forward to our two sessions a week. I could go on but the above would be worthless and let's be honest we go to a PT to get for the important bit...I'm a stone lighter and my BMI has gone of 28% to 21% and that's a 25% drop in BMI. Now whilst I've done the hard work there is no way I could/would have done that without Chrissy Gleesson!

David Kemble

Having recently had a baby... I was looking for the motivation to get back in to shape.. I have been training with Claire for almost 3 months now.. And I'm loving it.. Claire has tailored a program that suits me, and although its tough we always get through it.. Claire is great to train with, she's knowledgeable, motivating and also shares great tips on diet.. Claire's training and the great outdoors is a great combination!!!


The last 5 months have been TRANSFORMATIVE.
Physically :
I have changed shape
regained my curves
I have lost 2 stone
lost inches from my waist and hips ( everywhere).
And pricelessly regained that illusive pair of jeans!!!
I'm stronger
I now know the worth of exercise on a positive mind set I've learnt to not give up
I've transformed the way I eat
I've transformed the way my family eats ( yes this can be done with children & partners!)
I've learnt that you really are what you eat
I've tried a range of new exercises
I've loved the range of exercises
I've even done a fell hell
A mix of EAT CLEAN, EXERCISE, INCREDIBLE SUPPORT and best of all you can do it too!
I can't recommend Claire and her team highly enough. They are stars.
And now I can't wait to see what happens next ...

Claire S