Meet the Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified people with years of experience behind them

Each trainers brings a different quality and talent to the table. Meaning we have a well-rounded team and something for everyone. Our trainers have helped people lose weight, improve their running time, increase confidence and overcome health issues. Each trainer specialises in something slightly different.

Claire Darlington (Director)

Claire has an M.Sc in weight management and has an undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Claire has been in the industry for 18-years and has raised her profile by becoming an international presenter, guest speaker and regularly contributes to fitness magazines. Amongst her many teaching fields Claire is a specialist Pilates trainer and the founder of the STRIDE project, a successful 12-week weight management programme aimed at de-motivated teenagers. Claire also specialises in, pre and post natal fitness and weight management style classes. Claire is has previously worked as an assessor and tutor  and a well-respected instructor within the industry. Claire’s approachable and enthusiastic manner with a thirst for knowledge makes her one of the most up and coming presenters in the UK. Having grown up in Delamere she knows the forest like the back of her hand and will ensure you get a fun, exciting and an experience to never forget when training with her!! She also now specialises in Pilates for Sports professionals and is building a portfolio of clients. Claire is also available for private bespoke weight loss programmes that involves 3 weeks commitment in a secret retreat location. This maybe undertaken in small groups, with no more than 3 people.

Jo Bridge (Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer)

Jo Bridge

Hi I’m Jo. I became involved in the fitness industry in 2012 after signing up for my first half and full marathon. Prior to that I actually hated running! I obviously caught the fitness bug though because since then I have completed another full marathon and multiple half marathons as well as qualifying as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

I love being involved in fitness, particularly in a setting as beautiful as Delamere. I get great satisfaction from helping clients to become stronger, fitter and ultimately more confident.

Running is my biggest passion so whether you are a beginner looking to run your first 5km or a more experienced runner looking to step up your distance or shave those vital few seconds off your PB then please get in touch. If I can make myself fall in love with running then I’m certain I could do the same for you.

Chris Davies (Personal Trainer)

I have been a personal trainer for 6 years. I have always been involved in fitness from a young age and have always wanted to work within the industry I’m so passionate about. I love setting challenges for myself and clients. I have completed the London Marathon, numerous half marathons 10ks along with a triathlon.I enjoy being outdoors, participating in and leading outdoor  based fitness so there isn’t a better place than Delamere Forest.

I have helped many clients achieve various goals and they have described me as a calm, positive, determined, professional and knowledgable trainer.With these benefits on my side I will always make sure you have a workout that pushes you out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. If you want to hit your full potential I’m ready to be your trainer! My work has also seen me work in schools and large businesses delivering team building events.

Shari Sale (Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer)

I am passionate about my own fitness so I thought I would like to inspire and encourage others to increase their fitness levels, achieve their goals and feel confident so I decided to train as a personal trainer.I still work part-time as a radiographer at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Working in the hospital I have seen how bad posture affects us and how important it is to maintain muscle mass and bone density especially as we age.

I have competed in sprint triathlons, half marathons, hell runners north, middle & south, fell hell and various obstacle 10K races.

I enjoy running in Delamere Forest with my Springer Spaniel and outdoor fitness classes.

Shari now offers one to one training and small group training

Angharad Hayes (Group Exercise Instructor and Team Building Leader)

Angharad is an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual who thoroughly enjoys instructing group classes and bespoke PT sessions. She is passionate about helping people achieve their goals whilst having fun in the process.

During a career break from HR in order to raise her 2 children, Angharad decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer. She has since broadened her knowledge by becoming an Exercise Referral Specialist and a Pre and Postnatal Specialist. Therefore, she can easily diversify a session to meet the client’s needs.Having been Highly Commended as a Personal Trainer at the Fitness Trainer Competition – National Finals in June 2015, Angharad went on to demonstrate her Personal Training skills in front of 100,000 people at the World Skills Fitness Trainer Competition in Birmingham’s NEC, which was an honour in itself!In addition to Personal Training, Angharad currently teaches HIIT and Sculpt and Tone type classes in Cheshire.

She is REPs Registered and a CIMSPA Practitioner:

Her qualifications include:

Personal Training

Group Exercise to Music





Pre & Postnatal

Exercise Referral


Leena Narsai-Latham

Namaste, Yoga has been ingrained into my life from birth, I have grown up observing rituals, stories, songs, dance, mantras from the Vedas, the Mahabharata& The Ramayan, to name a few.

Singing kirtan, meditation in its various forms have always been apart of my life.

My Grandfather in particular along other members of my family and the community I grew up within have taught me and still guide me through a Yogic and Veda lead lifestyle.I have trained and practiced with Shiva Rea, David Sye, Sarha Lo, Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee, Jackie Quayle, Joanne Najduch these are a few of my wonderful gurus who have guided me on my Yoga path!

I teach Asana & Pranayam.

Beginners practice

Yoga & Art Meditation

Creative Flow

Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow


Kids Yoga


I believe yoga is for everybody, connecting us all universally, after all we are all made from the Stars, we all came from the BIG BANG, we are all ONE.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti



Lynda Robinson (Fit and Flabulous Coach)



Hello, my name is Lynda. My passion for exercise really only started when I had turned 40.

I’d always done a bit of walking over the years but not any fitness classes. Due to a combination of changes in where I lived and worked at that point, it made a local leisure centre a 10 minute walk away from home. I was, as always, struggling with my weight and  found the momentum to take that first footstep into my first fitness class. Surprisingly to me I made friends  and before I knew it I was a regular attender to a circuits and a spin class.  I felt fitter and healthier.

Great story you think, this woman has no problems. Not at all. Over the last 13 years, life happened, my circumstances changed which meant that I struggled to get to classes and my weight management was hit and miss so was my body confidence.

I recognised through my fitness experience that my story isn’t uncommon, and I’m  hoping that my personal experience may motivate others to have a go. The new class  I’ve designed is to help those who also struggle.


The class ‘fit and flabulous’ structure I believe to be unique, and aims to gradually build up fitness and confidence over a 4 week period. So join me on that first step…………….


Victoria Price (Retreat Coach, Workshop Leader)


Victoria is a in the final year of a BSc in fitness instruction and coaching, she has accreditation in gym instruction, anatomy and physiology, principles of exercise, fitness and health, with REPs level 3 in Personal training, Sports Conditioning, Nutrition and Instructing outdoor fitness. Victoria is currently studying for a level 4 as an Exercise Referral Professional working with Obesity and Diabetes, this has involved the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills that Victoria uses to inspire her clients to attain fabulous health and wellbeing. Victoria will be embarking on her Masters in Nutrition in the near future.

Victoria has worked in commercial gyms, schools, and charities, working with adults and children with a range of abilities and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. She is enthusiastic, compassionate, adaptive and believes that we can all attain great health, fitness and wellbeing !!!