Classes and Courses we offer

At Delamere Outdoor Fitness we like to keep the timetable fresh throughout the year. Below is a list and description of all the classes you will see on the timetable at some stage throughout the year.

For our latest classes please head to the ‘timetable’ page. Note that the intensity of each class is marked next to the name.

Where you see the daytime classes in a blue box, this means that you can bring babies in their buggies to this, as it will be situated in one area, meaning it’s safe to do so. During the winter months please bring a head torch. Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts. Anybody arriving over 5 minutes late will not be accepted into class. This is to avoid injuries

Our classes are PAYG or inclusive of monthly memberships. The courses are payable up-front by either cash, cheques or BACS transfer. Please see ‘How to Pay’ section for details

Please complete a PAR-Q form before coming to your first class. Here is a copy of one to save you time.


X Hardcore Challenge

This class MUST be pre-booked. Due to the fact it is in the studio and space is limited. This class is always full with energy, laughter and sweat.

A combination of suspension training, mace training, kettlebell training and Pilates, this is the perfect session for people wanting an allrounder class.

DOF HITT Boot Camp

This intense workout with Chris will get you the results you want. An outdoor class that works you to you limits this is fast becoming one of dof crew favourite classes.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Leena will guide you through this yoga practice, literally you will feel the stress floating away from your body and your will feel energised and strong when leaving the cosy studio.


Ski Fit Circuits
A circuit session designed to build leg strength and ensure your glutes, hamstrings, quads are working hard. Each session will vary and will include cardio vascular, strength and flexibility work. A great class for all abilities.

Hell on the Hills/Beach Body Circuits
A summer class designed to increase your stamina through a variety and combination of strength and cardiovascular work. The session is situated on Old Pale Hill.

A great class for intermediate to advanced ability. Modifications can be made to make the newcomer/beginner ability feel welcome

Run Club
This class is for those people who want to go out for a run but maybe find it difficult or boring to run alone. We run a minimum of 3 miles taking short breaks to regroup at regular intervals so that nobody is left behind. You will be given the opportunity to run further or faster depending on your own ability. All abilities are catered for in this class.

Bums Legs and Tums

A traditional class that gets RESULTS. Feel the burn on the troublesome places where we tend to store fat and using a mixture of body weight and weights see your body shape changing

Dynamic Kettlebells

A blend of traditional kettlebell exercises designed to get you the results you are looking for in terms of muscle tone and shape

Forest Boot Camp/Strength Boot Camp
This is an outdoor Bootcamp class suitable for all abilities, from complete beginner or just returning to exercise to those who have been exercising for years. We will use car tyres, medicine balls, weights and other equipment to give you a full body workout. This class takes place in a fixed area so you are welcome to bring babies and children along with you.

Fitmamas Outdoors
A post-natal specific class aimed at mums. It doesn’t matter if your baby is 6-weeks, or 6 months or even older. This class is a combination of cardio and post-natal specific strength work to help you zip those pelvic flor muscles and abdominals back into shape.

Please ensure your buggy/pram is in good working order.

Forest Fitness Trail
We love a good trek around the forest in this class. This class is a combination of running and strength work in the forest. Pease note that people must be able to run 6 minutes non stop before coming to this class. Check out the associated video for more information on this class

Forest ABventure

A cardio based class that zips around the forest, exploring wild trails and secret stop offs. Some weeks we may take a kettlebell, and other weeks, we may use branches and logs. The strength element of this class is based around the core

Pilates is so underrated and we believe everyone should do it at least once a week. Pilates can help with bad posture, improve flexibility and core strength, help with relaxation and is a great discipline to engage in no matter whether you are young, old, a sports person or over weight. We like to have a strong focus on balance, strength and breathing in our Pilates sessions.

Hardcore Pilates
This class is a step up from the other Pilates classes we offer in terms of intensity. This class is designed more around building core strength and focuses less on postural alignment. There will be the use of some equipment in this session such as a foam roller, over-ball, resistance bands and kettlebells

Fitness Yoga
A fitness class loosely based around Hatha Yoga Poses. This class will get your heart rate pumping, improve balance, increase leg and core strength and help promote relaxation.

There is a combination of relaxing meditative music to learn the sequence of poses followed by more up tempo music to practice the sequence to. Check out the associated video for more information on this class

High Intensity Training session designed to increase your heart rate, burn fat and build muscles. This  is a cardio class and is aimed at all abilities. Beginners can simply reduce the time they perform each exercise for. Check out the associated video for more information

Run Camp (A course or inclusive of monthly memberships)
In this class we focus on different areas of running each week. Things like speed, endurance, hills and form. The class takes place in and around Old Pale car park with everybody returning to the same point throughout the class. This means people can work to their own ability without being held back or left behind. All abilities are welcome. Babies are allowed in their buggies to this class.

A 50 minute class using the kettlebells that not only works your cardio vascular system, but will help you sculpt you some great muscles.

A favourite with our members. Chance to bish bosh bash your friends and learn various boxing combinations. A brilliant cardio workout.

Forest Boot Camp
This session is a great social session as the group heads of into the forest to perform own body weight and cardio classes.



Eat Clean Train Dirty
This is a 6-week programme that includes a full diet plan. 24/7 support via our secret members Facebook page and 3 classes per week to choose from for 6-weeks. This course has helped over 70 people successfully lose weight and helped them to change their eating habits for life. Many of our members are ex eat clean train dirty recruits and have enjoyed building new friendships and exercising regularly.

Couch to 5k
A beginner’s course aimed at getting people running again. Whatever the reason for you not running, whether its injury, being overweight, ex-smoker, new mum or just haven’t got round to it, this course will progressively help you to build your stamina and confidence and get you running.

Family Fitness
These can be one off or a course of sessions designed for adults and children. It’s a chance for the family and other friends and families you know to get together and take part in a boot camp style session. Please just contact us for a date to organise a date

Hula and Abs
A 4-week course that combines a ‘low sugar’ diet plan or a juicing  detox programme with one session per week at Delamere Outdoor Fitness plus 2 home workout videos

You can use our weighted hula hoops or order one with us for £25

Run 5k Faster
Do you want to run faster? Have your 5km times started to plateau> If you’ve answered yes then this course is for you. This 6-week course will guide you through speed work and drills designed to shave valuable minutes and seconds off your race times.

 Skip and Abs Inch Loss Camp
This course was very well received in 2015. Using a ketosis diet plan combined with 1 skip and abs session at Delamere Outdoor Fitness, plus homework, this course helped people to shift fat and get fit while learning some cracking skipping techniques. Check out our video for one participant’s success on the programme.

Little Black Dress
A Pre-Christmas course designed to zip you into shape for the festive party season. The course combines a detox diet and two HITT workouts per week for 4-weeks, plus homework.

For more details or to book your course please email;

Strength and Conditioning for Cyclists

This class will take off road and road cyclists to the next level in terms of performance and really works on increasing leg power and improving stamina and power output.